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If you’ve loved what we’ve done,
Karma might be for you.

Karma is a discount program we’ve made to share the love. Whether you’re a new customer or an oldie. You can get a 10% Cashback on whatever bill you’ve paid us.

Even if we’ve done something for you at cost (whoa, it’s amazing right?)

Karma, it isn’t stackable, however. You can only do it once per service. If you have 2 active services running with Simplebooks, you can get 10% off on each service, for life with Karma!

Grab a pic & go social

Take a picture of you & your team, whether it’s a selfie, or you in the office or if you’re just a solopreneur, even a smile and a thumbs-up go along way!

publish it on your Instagram or facebook with a small writeup of your business & what you’re planning on achieving.

Receive Karma

Message the team at – karma[at] and we’ll get back to you with a confirmation and your discount for life.

We’ll share it on our social profiles as well, let’s have some fun.

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