The simple process behind simplebooks.

Figure out what plan you need, and get in touch

Go to our pricing page to see what every plan includes, if you’re having trouble figuring out what you need, or are looking to go for an enterprise solution.

Send us a message.

Upload your invoices & bills on to the cloud.

Whether you want to use Google Drive, Dropbox, Wave accounting or something simple, we’ll setup a system for you to send us your invoices & financial details routinely.

Don’t worry, we’ll make sure its super safe & encrypted.

We’ll send your statements to you every month.

After everything is done, we’ll make sure your accounts are delivered to you via email, drive, dropbox or simply updated on your wave accounting dashboard.

After the first month is done, things become easier and you’ll have to worry about nothing going forward.

You’ll always have people.

Everything is done by people, there’s always someone here if you need to talk about your business, your accounts, and your numbers.

Everything stays confidential between you and us 🙂

Let’s start sorting out your finances

Whether you’re a startup, or a fortune 500 we’ve got you covered.