Director Appointment

Director Appointment

Whether appointed at the time of incorporation of a company or appointed afterwards, a director can be appointed with the least hassle now.

Filling out all types of forms, bills, ledgers and contracts are a part of running a business. However, at Simplebooks, we make your life easier by giving you processes which can be executed at the tip of your fingers.

Our team will ensure that your new director is appointed the right way; with vast experience and understanding of the Company Laws in the Sri Lanka, our team will take care of all legal formalities and compliance with Registrar of Companies regulations.

Let us handle your paperwork, while you can focus on the bigger picture.

Our services include:

  • Preparing and Filing Form 18 with Registrar of companies
  • Board meeting minutes, as required by law
  • Filing the form required with Registrar of companies, as required by law

How the service works

In order to handle all your paperwork, we need a basic introduction about your company and pay the service fee; we’ll take it from there!

Our team will file the required forms with Registrar of Companies and deliver the paperwork to you, which then needs to be signed and emailed within 2 working days.

We may inquire for a scanned copy of the NIC/Passport of the candidate, as these are required by law and must be provided if requested.

Here is some additional information to keep in mind when appointing a Limited Company Director –

The candidate for the position of Company Director;

  • Should be above the age of 18
  • Should not be an undischarged bankrupt
  • Should not be already disqualified as a director
  • Should not currently be acting as a director of the company
  • Should not be subject to Government restrictions

A non-Sri Lankan resident can be appointed as a director in a limited company, given that the above-mentioned requirements are met.

At Simplebooks we also help you formally relieve or resign Company Directors. We have all our bases covered, so fill in the basic information to get started!

Need Help?

Have any questions you want answers? Let us know 

As a registered corporate secretary, Simplebooks is capable of helping you out with Adding and resigning/Removing directors in your company with ease, while you can focus on important tasks.

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