How to Obtain Trade License in Bangladesh

How to Obtain Trade License in Bangladesh

Currently the Dhaka city corporation is split into two corporations, North and South. Every person and entity are required to obtain trade license before starting their business.


Step 1: Find out the Business area

First of all, identify your own business/ operational area to find out under which City Corporation you are going to run your business. Then apply to your concerned city corporation office.

Step 2: Collect Application Form

Depending on the type of business, Dhaka City Corporation offers two kinds of trade license Forms. For setting up a commercial firm, you must use K-Form and for setting up manufacturing company, you need to collect โ€œIโ€ Form.

First of all contact with license officer at the concerned Dhaka City Corporation office if needed. Then Collect โ€˜formโ€™ from City Corporation and fill up as need.

Once you complete the forms, you must submit it to the local ward commissioner for the verification.

Step 3: Documents required for obtaining a trade license

An applicant needs the following documents:

  1. Copy of National ID card (NID) of the entrepreneur
  2. Three (3) Passport size Photograph
  3. Copy of Passport (in case of Foreigner)
  4. Necessary Information to fill up the Form
  5. Holding Tax payment receipt
  6. Recent receipt (papers) or ownership proof
  7. 3 copies Passport size photos of the business holder (attested)
  8. A non-judicial stamp of Tk. 150/- for abiding rules of city Corporation
  9. Memorandum & Articles of Association (for Limited Company)
  10. Agreement of partnership (If he / she has a partner)
  11. TIN Certificate of Individual and entity
  12. Certificate of Incorporation (For Limited Company)
  13. Statement of Bank Solvency (Full Clearance)
  14. Work Permit from Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA)
  15. License from Fire service & Civil Defence (Applicable for Industry)

[Note: Each and every copy should be attested by first class gazette officer/ Word Councilor]

Step 4: Collect License Book after inspection of Licensing Supervisor (LS)

Upon submission of the form, the LS usually goes to the business entity for a visit to verify the information provided.

After inspection by the LS is concluded, the business is asked to go to the DCC office to pay the predetermined fee and collect their trade license. The fee schedule depends on the business category under which the application was filed.

When collecting the trade license, a signboard fee has to be paid as well. For all types of business the signboard fees will payable 30% of the License fee.


Step 1: Fill up the Deposit slip of Trade License

A deposited slip will be given with the Trade License. After the ending of 30th June of every year Trade License should be renewed.

Step 2: Pay relevant fees at Sonali Bank

Deposit renewal fee to the Sonali Bank and it will automatically renew the license.

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