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May 02, 2021

How to come up with business ideas in Sri Lanka + 5 great small business ideas

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to own your own business in Sri Lanka?  Have you been dreaming of escaping the 9
February 22, 2021

Labour Law in Sri Lanka – An Easy Guide to the Shop and Office Act

As an employer, it’s your duty to do right by your employees.  Here’s the problem though – you can’t make sure you’ve got all your
January 06, 2021

Form 13 – How to Change Your Registered Office Address

When you’re running your company, you might at one point need to change its business address.  You might want to do this because:  You have
March 03, 2019

Constructing a Company Name – A Comprehensive Guide

Regardless of what product/service you may decide to base your company on, it’s evident that you will need to create a name for your company. But why is the company name so important – and how do you even come up with one? Are there specific guidelines that should be followed?
August 26, 2018

Company Liquidation – What you need to know about

A company cannot be brought to an end in a single thought by an owner. There is a specific procedure one need to follow upon closing a company. Below guide will explain the procedure of closing up a company.