How to Protect Your Business from Covid 19 Crisis?

The Covid-19 crisis is not an isolated pandemic, instead a long tail interconnected incident with extreme levels of uncertainty, which is well beyond the experience of business leaders, verily a test for many business leaders on how they think and respond to shape strategy’

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Director Appointment

Do you want to appoint a director to your company? Find out everything you should know about Director Appointment.eligibility for office,

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How to Register a Company in Sri Lanka as Foreigner

Thinking of expanding your horizons and setting up shop in the South Asian region of the planet? In that case, Sri Lanka is a land that shows a lot of promise! But how does the set-up process work? Are there specific rules or guidelines you need to follow? What is the most reliable way of getting your foreign company registered in Sri Lanka?

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Income Tax in Sri Lanka

Step by Step Guide-Income Tax Sri Lanka

We all need to pay taxes. But, when do we start? If this is the first time you’re paying taxes, or if you’re unsure about the process, we’ve compiled a step by step article. There’s no need to worry. We’ll guide you through the process. Taxes come in many forms. Income tax is where you have to submit a portion of your salary to the Government on a yearly basis. Paying your taxes is considered a civic duty, and failure in complying would result in either a fine or even result in serving jail time.

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