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February 22, 2021

Labour Law in Sri Lanka – An Easy Guide to the Shop and Office Act

As an employer, it’s your duty to do right by your employees.  Here’s the problem though – you can’t make sure you’ve got all your
October 21, 2018

Set terms, secure investments, transfer partnerships via partnership agreements

A partnership agreement should prepare upon starting a partnership. An attorney should help you with the partnership agreement. This makes sure you include all important questions, avoid problems when the partnership ends.
October 21, 2018

When does power of attorney take effect?

A power of attorney is a document. It allows you to appoint a person or organization to manage your affairs if you become unable to do so. But, all POAs are not created equal. Each type gives your attorney-in-fact a different level of control.
October 21, 2018

Contract of service : outline your specific duties

You should take as much time and effort as needed to make sure that your form service agreement is as favorable to your company as possible and most accurately reflects your company’s objectives. Contract of service comprises a common law basis of the contract of employment and a range of statutory provisions. It is therefore often vital to determine the status of employment with a person. It is vital the three conditions below are fulfilled by the parties upon entering into a contract of service your agency agrees that, in consideration of a wage or other remuneration, he will provide his own work and skill in the performance of some service for his employer.  Agrees, that in the performance of that service he will be subject to the other’s control in a sufficient degree to make that other employer. The other provisions of the contract are consistent with its being a contract of service.
October 21, 2018

Invest consciously, invest right with investment agreements.

If you have a company that needs investment, you have a lot of options for the type of investment to create. Depending on the situation, you may also want to consider loans or other ways to finance your company beyond investments. Investment Agreements are transactions that give a person or business an ownership interest. Either now or in the future, in your company in exchange for anything of value.
October 21, 2018

Its only fair if there’s gratuity

Gratuity is a defined benefit plan and is one of the many retirement benefits offered by the employer to the employee. This takes place upon the employee leaving his job. Gratuity is given by the employer to an employee for the services rendered during the period of employment. It is usually paid at the time of retirement but it can be paid before provided certain conditions are met.
October 07, 2018

Renting property? safeguard your rights with A lease agreement – Lease agreement

There are two different ways to rent a property in Sri Lanka. This is by way of “Tenancy” agreement, or a “Lease” contract. If the property is also governed by the Rent Act, the rules, terms, and power of the landlord or tenant will differ. The properties covered by the Rent Act, the law tends to be in favor of the tenant in Sri Lanka.  And properties that are not covered by the Rent Act, the law to favors the landlord.
October 07, 2018

Need legitimate proof without out legal commitment? Memorandum of understanding

A Memorandum of understanding is a document describing a bilateral or multilateral agreement. This could be between one or more parties. It expresses a gathering of will between the parties. Also indicates an intended common line of action.
October 07, 2018

Secure your shares, secure your company – Shareholders agreement

A shareholder agreement is also is an arrangement. It aids company shareholders to arrange the division of shares. It also directs how a company should be operated. it also outlines shareholders rights and obligations.
September 30, 2018

Right products , Right time ,Right price – Sales agreement

Companies ensure that they will have either enough product on hand to sell. Also, they ensure if enough goods available. A sales agreement aids to buy goods at the right time for the right price.